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***Due to the coronavirus we will no longer be delivering in Calgary***

By Hand Picking Live Feeders & Frozen Feeders the day of delivery we can insure a superior product. We stand by that we would only send out feeders we would feed to our own reptiles. That says a lot as we are very particular in what our scale babies eat!

Dave S. - Verified Buyer 02/16/19 Great products, great service! Love the home delivery and their live feeders (crickets and various worms) are always of superior quality compared to my local stores.

Jennifer P. -  Verified Buyer 10/08/18 Super Happy I ordered 500 crickets and i think 60 meal worms from you guys and i am extremely happy with the quality ...ive had barely any die which is blowing my mind cuz i can never keep crickets alive..ill be ordering from you guys again

IceLily Verified Reviewer 03/26/15 When They Say Super Worms They Mean Super Worms! Omg I have never seen this quality or size of super worms from a pet store. I will definitely be buying from School House Pets again!!!

Colleen S. - Verified Buyer 07/28/17 old fashion service We have been using School House Pets for the last couple of years and its has reduced the stress of finding good quality live food for our bearded dragon. Jasmine delivers our order on Wed evenings, the odd time that we have had a worm die prematurely I just let Jasmine know and she takes care of it. School house pets provides great service and a great product(s). They now have a store front as well very cute little store:)

Emma L. Verified Buyer 02/09/19 Wax. Horn and metal worms All seem healthy and fresh. My dragon and hedge love them.

Katie T. Verified Buyer 09/14/18 Great Pet Shop Wonderful, knowledgeable owners and staff. Great selection of reptiles and pets that look well taken care of. I highly recommend School House Pets.

Angel d. Verified Buyer 03/17/18 Love these Small rats are a perfect size for my adult corn snakes and kings snakes! They always come still frozen, my snakes never refuse a meal.

We are a crazy couple who have been keepers of all things reptile for over 12 years. Our favorite reptiles so far have been Chameleons and Bearded Dragons.

We became even more crazy when we decided to buy an abandoned school 45 min southeast of Calgary and move our family (2 kids a rescue basset hound named Boo, and our very large collection of reptiles), in hopes of some day achieving our dream of opening a large scale feeder breeding center / local pet shop and free school education center for area children to come and get to know how to be a responsible herp keeper!

Now this is a very very slow process as the land and building has not been looked after in over 26 years! With time and love, I know we will be welcoming all Albertans' who love reptiles to our 12,000sqft crazy wonderful dream someday soon!

Jasmine & Bradley

School House Pets

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#5, 1 Fisher Cres

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